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- None bonuses

- None jackpot

- English language

- Pleasant music background

- Size of bet – 50 cents - $500

- Number of dices – 3

- Number of fields - 6

How to play Crown and Anchor

At all time the game “chuck a luck” considered as the amusement of intellectuals. As early as in XV century the owners of large vessels and fearless corsairs passed the time playing this game in harbor taverns. In this case, the gamblers will plunge into refined and modernized world in order to experience great winnings and get a lot of adrenaline that makes your blood burning. Thanks to the intuitive display, even the starting gambler can handle the lotto Crown and Anchor.

lottery Crown and Anchor

Rules and terms of the game

It is so interesting and profitable to play Crown and Anchor. The sense of the gameplay is to guess which element will appear on the one of the hex-shaped dices. Firstly, make a bet and the next chips are used here:











play online lottery Crown and Anchor

In other words, you should choose the necessary chip and click on those segments which you want to bet. You can bet on:

- Crown

- Diamonds

- Hearts

- Anchor

- Spades

- Clubs

Next press the button “Play” and in several seconds three dices will appear on the barrel. At the edges of each dice, you may see images mentioned above. Everything depends from your luck. You can multiply your winnings rather quickly if you have luck. Due to the fact that it is possible to play Crown and Anchor for money and for virtual chips, everyone can have a great fun without any risk. When you become more confident, start using the full mode. Don’t wait a lot. According to statistics you can win large sums in first hour of gameplay